How to Date a Transgender Person?

Transgender people look everything like ordinary people. They smile and fall in love like everyone would. However, dating such a person comes with own challenges and red lights. Here are tips on how to date a transgender person without breaking the rules of engagement to find yourself in trouble.

1. Forget the Past

There are numerous instances people want to bring up the past for a transgender. You may be tempted to ask about his or her ‘real name’ or how he or she looked. This is an unsolicited journey into the past. If she wanted you to know about her past, she would have informed you. Focus on the present and you will not have to worry about nasty reactions or conflicts.

2. Agree on Rules About Public Engagements

Transgender persons are sensitive about public appearances. This means that they will go to certain places and avoid others. Ask about whether they have ‘come out’ or they are still in the closet. Respect the decision these persons make and you will enjoy a blissful relationship. You may want to tell the world you have good company or are at a nice location. Hold on and ask before sharing the photos. Ensure that he or she is comfortable and has already come out. It can be traumatizing when the world knows about the status before he or she is prepared.

3. About Sex, Always Ask First

This appears natural and mandatory for all relationships. Before you do anything sexual, you should ask. There is extra caution when dealing with transgender persons. For instance, a transgender might not want the vagina labeled as female. Pregnancy and the accompanying kinks could be extremely discomforting. Some are not comfortable with virginal or oral sex. You must agree and respect the decision. A slight mistake can be disastrous.

4. Get Answers Elsewhere

There is a temptation to turn a date into an interrogation session. This is tiring. All the answers you want about transgender persons can be answered on Google, Wikipedia and encyclopedia, among other platforms. Your partner is interested in a normal trans dating relationship that will be joyful and compassionate, not answering all your questions. Turn the date into a normal one and not one about transgender living. Do not be mad that the answers you are looking for are not forthcoming. She will tell you what she is comfortable with. Take it and be satisfied.

5. Make the Relationship Like Any Other

Most transgender persons appear ordinary in the eyes of the public. In fact, you will not know until you are told. Treat your date with all the respect you would give an ordinary person. Do not panic in search of special treatment that you are going to give. This will affect your freedom of association.

Like all other human beings, transgender person deserve compassion and affection. Date them for that reason and not any other. Enjoy their company by knowing what they like and what they are uncomfortable with. Go the extra mile of making her feel special despite her transgender status and you will have the best relationship imaginable.